D7045 system-steel fire window(EI60/90/120min)

Three-chamber structure is a perfect combination of energy saving and heat insulation. We can provide different material profiles  (stainless steel, copper, etc.) to give the maximum support to users' demands.
Product category:Steel window D70-45
Use:Fire windows
Applications:Residential, commercial
Size:Profile face: 45 mm | Plate thickness: 1.5mm
Material:Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper
Surface treatment:Galvanized treatment
Characteristics:Fire resistance up to EI90, thermally insulated, fireproof, made from cold formed steel

The higher safety requirements in a building increasingly require the functional interaction of various fire protection requirements.
Frame Material
Cold formed steel is neither flammable nor does it suffer any significant loss of its inherent stability in the event of a fire. For this reason, it is predestined for use as a material in the fabrication of fire windows.


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